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digitalmars.D - Concurrency paradigms

I don't like slideshare site, but this block of slides are intererting, "State:
You're Doing It Wrong - Alternative Concurrency Paradigms For The JVM":

It shows that different problems may enjoy different kinds of concurrency
paradigms. It shows me that actors (with a nice syntax) have to be in std lib
of D2. I guess D2 will have the capability to implement software transactional

Other concurrency paradigms are the one shown by Cilk, and the data parallelism
(used for numeric processing, in modern Fortran, parallel Pascal, Fortress, and
probably better in Chapel).

Such stuff (all three forms of concurrency) is so basic and useful that it has
to be in the std lib (and partially implemented in the language itself where

I'd really like to see D2 language become used as a replacement for parallel
Fortran, with efficient & easy to use features to perform parallel numeric
processing (see Chapel, on this).

Jun 30 2009