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digitalmars.D - Codestream is very promising

Codestream is a messaging platform for developers... It keeps 
track of conversations around a code base for future reference 
and learning reasons behind certain decision. Heard about it from 
a Goto Conference talk video on YouTube where one of the team 
members talked about the problem if solves. It's really 
impressive for projects collaboration and favorable when teams 
are mostly remote of come-and- developers. Especially D 
development. It integrates with git beautifully. I really 
recommend you check it out, even if you're not using git. 
Especially for D core development.


  I don't know much about their pricing model though...its still 
in private beta...you can request on their website to try it out.
It's genuine a creative solution IMHO...and difficult challenge 
as well.

If you're aware of Visual Studio Code's Live Share feature, then 
you know how powerful it can almost eliminate the gap between 
teams in the same room and remote teams.
Jul 02 2018