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digitalmars.D - Cannot convert of type HANDLE to HANDLE

reply Sam Hu <samhudotsamhu gmail.com> writes:
Under DMD 2.032+Window Xp:

Can I use

 HMODULE LoadLibraryEx(
  LPCTSTR lpFileName,  // file name of module
  HANDLE hFile,           // reserved, must be NULL
  DWORD dwFlags           // entry-point execution option

in D2?Given below code :

HMODULE hDll=LoadLibraryEx(toStringz("netmsg.dll"),null,	DONT_RESOLVE_DLL_REFERENCES);
I got below error:
cannot implicitly convert expression
(LoadLibraryExA(toStringz("netmsg.dll"),null,1u)) of type HANDLE to HANDLE

What's the problem?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Sep 08 2009
parent Sam Hu <samhudotsamhu gmail.com> writes:
Sorry,wrong place,move to d.lean.
Sep 08 2009