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digitalmars.D - Calling C functions from D that return structs

I want a workabout for this bug:

Basically, a C function that returns a structure and is compiled with a non-DMC
compiler thrashes the stack when called from D. Here's the assembly code for a
function that does it (sorry for the AT&T assembler syntax):

push   %ebp
mov    %esp,%ebp
mov    0x8(%ebp),%eax
movzbl 0xc(%ebp),%edx
mov    0x66d24020(,%edx,4),%edx
mov    %edx,(%eax)
movzbl 0x10(%ebp),%edx
mov    0x66d24020(,%edx,4),%edx
mov    %edx,0x4(%eax)
movzbl 0x14(%ebp),%edx
mov    0x66d24020(,%edx,4),%edx
mov    %edx,0x8(%eax)
movzbl 0x18(%ebp),%edx
mov    0x66d24020(,%edx,4),%edx
mov    %edx,0xc(%eax)
ret    $0x4
lea    0x0(%esi),%esi

It's signature is this:

ALLEGRO_COLOR al_map_rgba(ubyte r, ubyte g, ubyte b, ubyte a);

Where ALLEGRO_COLOR is a quad of bytes. What I want is some sort of inline
assembly preamble (and/or postamble, as it were) that will make it possible for
me to call that function correctly. The suggestion made by Walter in the bug
report is unacceptable for my purposes.

What I have tried is this:

	auto c = al_map_rgba(255,255,255,255);
		sub ESP, 4;
	return c;

But it did not work. Any help appreciated.

Mar 25 2011