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digitalmars.D - C++ to D 2.0 - Do we need a new Forum ?

I mean : Yes.

1) /Political/ reasons
Simply showing:  Whatever you do in C++, we can make it in D, having 
less bugs, less code, a more secure code...

Giving D source samples can make D more attractive for the C++ 
community. (no doubt)
and 3...

3) Porting :
Not all of us have C respective C++ background.Nevertheless from time to 
time, we have to deal with C respective C++ code, we have to write a 
wrapper, use a DLL/so, translate code into D etc. C++ people can help.


It means having a place where D developers are going to support C++ 
developers and *Vice Versa* is in every case a win.
Just my opinion.
Jul 09 2007