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reply Benji Smith <dlanguage benjismith.net> writes:
Every once in a while (especially when I'm in the midst of an argument, 
like the current string-as-class thing), I like to stop and make sure 
people know how much I appreciate their input. I always find the 
discussions interesting, and I'm often awed by the huge commitments 
people have put into library development for the D community.

I've been reading this NG for more than five years now, and I'm always 
learning new stuff. A few years ago, at my job, I designed a domain 
specific language and wrote the parser and compiler for it (targeting a 
custom stack-based VM used in one of our products), and the knowledge 
I've gained from the geniuses in this community has been invaluable.

Most of all, much appreciation to Walter for his tireless work, 
especially when faced with the grumblings of curmudgeons like me. And 
also to Sean and Kris and Don and Lars and BCS and all the people who 
have contributed jillions of lines of code to tango and other libraries.


Aug 25 2008
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Aug 25 2008
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Walter Bright wrote:
Aug 26 2008