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digitalmars.D - Bullet Physics bindings

There is a project to create bindings for Bullet Physics 
Unfortunately Bullet is C++, so this is a non-trivial task.
However, great progress was made and the bindings are near 
completion, but have now run into constructor mixin/aliasing 
issues. (see also https://github.com/blm768/BulletD/issues/2)

I was hoping someone could take a look at it and provide some 
support to finish the bindings.

Having bindings to Bullet Physics would be great! (and allow me 
to use them in the development of my game ;)


Here is a quick overview of the makefile steps (as I understand 
1. build gen_import.d
	-> creates all.d public import files

2. build gen_a.d
	-> creates gen_b.d file
3. build gen_b.d
	-> creates glue\bullet\ .cpp files with extern C methods
	-> creates gen_c.cpp file
	-> creates bullet\bindings\glue.d file:
		extern C methods with shortened names because of Windows OMF 
symbol length limitation

4. build and run gen_c.cpp (link with bullet libs)
	-> creates sizes.d file with cpp class size definitions

(5. build test.d)

6. build libBulletD.dll
	-> runs into constructor issues
Oct 24 2013