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digitalmars.D - Buildkite and the Project Tester


So for those of you who have contributed to D on GitHub in the 
last few months, you might have noticed the new Buildkite CI 
status checks.

- it's the replacement for the Jenkins project tester (which has 
been deactivated ~ three months ago)
- it allows us to add our own agents to the build fleet [1, 2]
- it's intended to unify all CI systems on the long run 
(currently not possible due to a lack of build resources)

So what are the other CIs doing?

auto-tester: normal testing pipeline
DAutotest: documentation testing (diff + preview)
CircleCi: code coverage builds + style checks
SemaphoreCI: self-bootstrapping (build dmd with LDC, GDC or a 
freshly built dmd)
AppVeyor: 64-bit Windows builds + Visual Studio builds
Travis: only used for tools, dlang.org and dub (test steps)
CodeCov: code coverage diff (install the browser extension to see 
uncovered lines in the diff)

Why can't I access the Buildkite build logs?

Unfortunately Buildkite doesn't allow public access to their logs 
yet (though they are working on it).

This is why I have just sent out a few more invitations.
If I haven't gotten you, I'm sorry, but please send me a ping [3].
Otherwise you can also use the read-only dummy account below.
Having an account has the advantage that you can restart builds, 
the dummy account is read-only.

My build is failing and I think the failure isn't related to my 

Report this on #ci in Slack or https://github.com/dlang/ci

The Auto-tester has its own GitHub repository: 
Dlang-Bot has its own GitHub repository too: 

I want my project to be tested on the Project Tester

Your project's testsuite will be run on every PR which should 
prevent any regressions with a new DMD release.
Open an issue (or a PR) here: https://github.com/dlang/ci

I have resources I can spare for more testing agents

Awesome! Talk to us in #ci or https://github.com/dlang/ci

Dummy Account

user: dummy dlang.io
password: dlangrocks

Happy hacking!

[1] https://buildkite.com/docs/agent/v3
[2] https://buildkite.com/docs/agent/v3/ubuntu
[3] https://github.com/wilzbach
Oct 19 2018