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digitalmars.D - Building dmd with msvc 2015

Hi !
Is anyone tried to build dmd with msvc 2015 preview ?
I cannot build phobos with following error:

src\phobos\std\functional.d(43): Error: function 
std.algorithm.countUntil!("b < a.timeT", immutable(Transition)[], 
immutable(int)).countUntil.pred2 (immutable(Transition) a) is not 
callable using argument types ()

An error has nothing with real code line.
If I try to build phobos with dmd.exe builded with msvc 2013 all 
is OK.

I don't know how to catch that error source : so I don't know is 
it an msvc codegen error or for example msvc allocates variables 
on stack differently and it was a hidden bug in DMD's code.

Jan 16 2015