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digitalmars.D - Bug 8859: Solaris port of the toolchain questions

So I've been working on Bug 8859 (really on Illumos which is the fork of
the source that remained open after Oracle bought Sun, though for X86,
they're still similar enough that this should for now work on either).

To date, I've been doing my work with GDC (DMD was generating objects with
some invalid ELF sections, so I figured I'd come back to that when I have
more alcohol handy to put on my linker alien hat).

After a few evenings of work, I've managed to get GDC to produce working
binaries and to pass all the Druntime unit tests.  I'm still working on
getting the  Phobos unit tests to pass, so it's not 100% ready yet.

I have a couple of questions:

1. As there was a decent amount of added code (and a few fixes of the
existing bits of Solaris support), would it be preferred to file individual
bugs for each issue, or just put it all under 8859 once it's all working?

2. I noticed a lot of declarations that are identical and duplicated for
all the *ix platforms, even when they are implementing a standard of some
sort (e.g. the AF_ values are IANA assigned, one should expect them to have
the same value everywhere, just perhaps some platforms perhaps not always
having the latest list).

Is the rationale to just match the corresponding system's .h files as close
as possible vs. a more consolidated version using version blocks to contain
the variation or implementation-defined portions?
Jun 19 2014