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digitalmars.D - Better vector support

I'm using vector operations in my graphics engine for rendering, 
since low-level raster operations in GPU are well hidden under 
layers of API, although I'm planning on porting the blitter 
algorithms for DCompute once it becomes more mature, as well as 
creating the CPUblit library for general use (will contain 
blitter and alpha-blending functions as well as basic drawing 

However, since I have to write most of the functions with 
Assembly, I have to write every function multiple times in a 
hard-to-read format. After spending some time with using vectors, 
I came up with some suggestions:
-32 bit and 64 bit long vectors have to be supported at the level 
of loading from the memory. The former is very useful in computer 
-There's a lot of low-level operations in SSEn that are either 
also present in e.g. NEON, or can be emulated through a simple 
function, like unpacking (often used for integer promotion by me).
Feb 05 2018