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digitalmars.D - [Answers Andrej] Re: There's new GIT instructions on Github now

Andrej Mitrovic Wrote:

 What the duck has happened to this topic?
 Ok anyway, I found out a few things:
 I can change $HOME by adding this line into C:\Program
 Files\Git\etc\profile file:
 right *above* this line:
 HOME="$(cd "$HOME" ; pwd)"
 This was from someone's blogs post. And then if I want to start git
 bash from a different initial directory I just change the git bash
 shortcut "Start In" field to whatever directory.
Pretty sure you can just add HOME as an environment variable in the system settings thing that Windows provides somewhere.
 Anyways I've made a bunch of commits to my forked repo of dpl.org, and
 now have to figure out how to make a pull request. I haven't made any
 branches or anything because I'm way too new to this.
Branching is extremely easy in Git and can generally be the first thing you do before making any changes. create new branch (branchName) and checkout (commits go into this branch) git checkout -b branchName switch to another branch (master) git checkout master
 I would also like to know how to uncommit a change which hasn't been
 pushed yet. So if I locally do:
 git add someFile.d
 git commit -m "woops wrong comment"
You can amend a commit which will allow you to add no items or change the comment git commit --amend
 I'd like to just uncommit that message. I couldn't find an easy way to
 do this. Isn't this just hg revert on mercurial? I had to resort to
 backing up the files and re-fetching from the repo because git kept
 complaining about being "ahead" of changes. Damn complicated software
 that needs a book to operate it. :]
I actually don't remember the steps but I think it goes something like: git checkout HEAD^ // Do something with git rebase git commit
 Also I'd add the first time I tried using GIT GUI a few months ago it
 froze and crashed when I tried to do a simple clone.
Don't do that :P
May 20 2011