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digitalmars.D - Andrei visiting sociomantic in Berlin; {informal meetup}

Hi Guys,

Andrei will be in Berlin in mid-November, and Sociomantic invited 
him for an evening of pizza and drinks at the Sociomantic office 
(Wednesday, 14th November between 18:00 and 22:00). If you'd like 
to meet Andrei or check out our workplace or simply hang out with 
other D developers, feel free to drop by. We're located at 
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40 (Hof 3), 10999, Berlin. If you're coming, 
please RSVP at 
https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-D-Programmers/events/256065373/ as 
there's a limit on how many people we can accommodate in our 
office (it also helps us plan how much food to order).  Note that 
this will be a casual meet-and-greet event so no lengthy talks 
are planned. But we're going to set aside some time for short 
lightning talks. If there's something you'd like to talk about or 
demo, please also let us know
Nov 02 2018