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digitalmars.D - AMD Performance Profiling Without the Overhead - perhaps of interest

This is quite an interesting feature with a very good design that AMD is 
introducing. I could be worthwhile adding support for this, in the D 
programming  language !


Performance Profiling Without the Overhead

Here at AMD, we know that in order to improve program performance, you 
have to be able to measure it. AMD's Lightweight Profiling feature (LWP) 
is designed to make performance measurement even easier and with 
negligible overhead. In this post, I'll give you an overview of LWP and 
tell you why we think it's an exciting next step in the area of 
performance tuning.

First, a little history. Late in 2007, AMD announced Lightweight 
Profiling as a proposed extension to the AMD64 architecture that would 
allow an application to gather performance statistics about itself with 
low overhead. We posted the preliminary specification and asked for 
feedback from the developer community. Much to our delight, many of you 
responded with comments, criticisms, and suggestions on the proposal. 
We've read all of your feedback, and last week we posted the current 
version of the LWP specification. The announcement and the link to the 
spec are here. Thanks to all of you who helped us out.

The full post can be found here:


comments ?

Nick B
Dec 02 2009