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digitalmars.D - New D website

Since I'm currently moving and I'm not sure if I'll be able to have my 
webserver running in my new home, the Python/D and D.NET websites are in 
a state of flux.

I have set up a web forward to point to my temporary site for now and it 
will then forward to my new permanant site once I have one, but if 
you're looking for information about Python/D or D.NET, check out:


Currently all I have uploaded is an in-progress article I'm writing 
discussing the nuances of working with D.NET, but I plan to have a 
full-blown site up and running once I get moved and have my desktop 
computer set up again.

Until then, enjoy the work in progress that'll be updated frequently 
over the next few days :)

Aug 18 2004