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digitalmars.D - Just found this on the cygwin mailing list

reply "Marc" <marc quebec.net> writes:
Are they talking about "D" ?

I've made a new version of gcc available for download.

Again, this release includes changes in the package layout. The core
components with C compiler are in `gcc-core' now (`gcc' in previous
release) and additional drivers are in their own tarball (as in the
previous release).  The `gcc' package is an upgrade helper, it
includes no files but pulls the `gcc-core' & `gcc-g++' packages
automatically if selected via setup.exe chooser to simplify first-time

Driver packages available:
  Ada      gcc-ada   /  gcc-mingw-ada
  C        gcc-core  /  gcc-mingw-core
  C++      gcc-g++   /  gcc-mingw-g++
  D        gcc-gdc
  Fortran  gcc-g77   /  gcc-mingw-g77
  Java     gcc-java  /  gcc-mingw-java
  Pascal   gcc-gpc   /  gcc-mingw-gpc
  ObjC     gcc-objc  /  gcc-mingw-objc

I'm looking for someone to build a D compiler driver on top of the
MinGW GCC 3.3.4 and 3.4.1 sources.
Aug 16 2004
parent "Marc" <marc quebec.net> writes:
Oh yes, this is the "D" Compiler (Cygwin distribution)

I did'nt knew that the GNU "D" compiler was available with
the Cygwin setup.

This is cool...
Aug 16 2004