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digitalmars.D - Debug symbols for Linux D?

reply Lester Godwin <godwin pushcorp.com> writes:
I see that D is getting close to 1.0.  Is it planned to have full debug 
symbols working for Linux in the final version?  To date I have not been 
able to get that going, and from past posts it seems that gdb is only 
useful for stack tracing.

It would sure be nice to be able to have the full capabilities of gdb to 
help with development!

Aug 05 2004
parent Derek <derek psyc.ward> writes:
On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 09:30:32 -0500, Lester Godwin wrote:

 I see that D is getting close to 1.0.
Sorry to burst a bubble here, but the 0.98 does not mean it is near 1.0, because it is quite possible to have v0.132 for example. The counting of 'builds' does not necessarily stop at 99 or 100. The 'dot' is not a decimal point, just a delimiter separating the version number from the build number. Thus I see D currently being at version zero - build ninety eight. -- Derek Melbourne, Australia
Aug 05 2004