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digitalmars.D - unFormat & readf (retooled scanf)

The new implementation is up at http://home.f4.ca/sean/d/unformat.d  I've
changed things to match doFormat and writef a bit better.  The code still lacks
translation from UTF-8 to dchars, but that will take a rewrite of the utf
routines which I've been slacking on (I'll get it done in the next few days).
The functions should format all primitive types and flags and format rules are
as per the scanf documentation.  There is full floating-point support including
NAN and INFINITY, and numbers support octal and hex notation where appropriate.
I didn't see anything regarding internationalization in the quick scan I did of
the POSIX docs for fscanf, but if there is anything there please let me know.

Jul 19 2004