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digitalmars.D - C++ lover / D newbie / future D lover :-)

Only now I came across this, I'm happy to know that a finished D version is
about to come out, and I just have to say: congratulations for achieving in 3
years what others couldn't in nearly 20 (even if you're learning from their

I use C++ for numerical purposes, and am still hoping... maybe in vain... that
one day C++ will EASILY combine it's broad-range polymorphism with efficiency.

Languages like Java and pseudo-languages like C# (which I very much dislike for
its unability to bring anything new at all) have disappointed me in this old C++

Today, I saw that D will finally deliver that promise.

As a potencial (and potencially happy) user, I only hope D remains an open
source project, and that it is largely compatible to C++ (although not to the
extent that C++ is to C) to make sure that the maximum people get to use it...
I'm afraid my boss might even drop FORTRAN for it.

Even as complete stranger, I will be more than happy to help with anything...
Jul 13 2004