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I've got a problem. Can anybody help me?
The problem is that I can code but I never get to use 'many compliling-tools'.
I usually use dev-cpp to code in c++.
I do like D and want to start coding on it.
I just got D port of SDL (http://www.libsdl.org/) that is on 'Dedicated' web and
updated it to the current version of D language. Then I compiled some examples.
They looked nice.
So... I tried to use SDL_Image (http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_image/)
library that loads image files into memory so it can be used with SDL.
That library is written in C so I compiled it with dev-cpp to get a static
library. The problem is that dev-cpp is unix-like (but for win32) so it generate
a .a library file and D Compiler only let me import .lib libraries.
I tried to compile the library with digital mars C compiler (dmc) and I can do
it but I am not able to get a library but only a .exe (without starting point).
How do I get a library from dmc?

or better, How do I use a .a library with D Compiler?

Thanks a lot.

Jul 01 2004