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digitalmars.D - Svelte Niagara boxen seeking handsome D compiler

(also posted in D.gnu)

Unappreciated, well-bestowed multi-core Niagara server, with great tracts of
RAM, has just appeared on the doorstep seeking a love-fest of notable
proportion. What she needs is *ahem* a D compiler to warm her dear little heart

Is there a GCC backend for Niagara that could be put to use? Does GDC support
Solaris console apps? After all, it would be a cruel twist to turn this svelte
creature over to the wrinkled hands of Mr JVM. What say you ~ rolicking
adventurers? Can you help?

- Kris

[need threads and GC to get the ball rolling ~ no need for a full Phobos]
Mar 10 2006