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reply "Bob W" <nospam aol.com> writes:
Hi Walter,

after carefully browsing through the "warnings thread"
in this forum, may I respectfully request the following
feature on behalf of myself and probably many others
as well:

Please introduce something like a "-wnoerror" switch,
which would cause your compiler to generate the
same kind of code as it does if "-w" is not activated.
The only difference being that warnings issued
would be just of informative nature, so some of
us could still secretly insert early returns without
being forced to change the dmd command line
parameters back and forth.

As I clearly understand your view about this issue,
I did not dare to ask you to enable warnings and
code generation by default and introduce "-werror"
and "-woff" switches instead - although I would not
mind if that ever happened.    :-)

So I just emphasize on that "-wnoerror" feature which
is probably easy to implement and would not change
any of your concepts.

Thank you.
Feb 07 2006
parent "Walter Bright" <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
Well, that certainly is nicer than a lot of the other messages on the topic 
Feb 13 2006