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digitalmars.D - throwing exceptions

(Firstly sorry about my bad english)

Hi. I am currently working on an "extension" for DMD. It's a set of a frontend
and a library for D. It calls Lunea. Lunea intends to offer a process-oriented
functionality without using threads to make games or multimedia apps. It is
based on yaneSDK4D, MicroThread class. It uses a swap of the stack to keep
threads; but it seems to be broken when it throws an exception while the stack
is swapped. I tried several times to debug this. It seems to throw an unknown
exception, just when RaiseException is called. D doesn't catch it; it only
stopped the program. I don't know much about issue of exception handling on D.

There is an example of the problem:

any idea?

by the way, there is an example of lunea:

Thanks beforehand
Jan 04 2006