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digitalmars.D - Chainsaw now attaches to D code

Chainsaw is a pretty nifty remote log monitor, created by the Log4J
community. While it's still in Beta (and in Java), it's reasonably usable
once you get past some installation hassles. Note that there's a bug
concerning dropped messages if you emit them at an seriously alarming rate.

Anyway, it's now hooked up to D via the mango.log package (a Log4J clone).
Plus, as an added bonus, Mango now has an html administration console (by
stonecobra) that allows you to dynamically view and adjust the debug/log
settings within your live application or server. The latter is just really
... really ... cool. And so, of course, is Chainsaw. Combined with mango.log
they make an unholy trinity ...

- Kris
Jun 04 2004