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digitalmars.D - Access to the CPU rotate instruction

Whilst I'm thinking native CPU instructions, another very nice to have that has
been missing from every high level language I know... access to the CPU's built
in rotate. At present, as I'm sure most know, various checksums which run like
lightening in hardware are very time consuming in software and often depend on
non-obvious looking code in order to get the speed up.

Here's an old thread on the subject of rotate (from 2002):

In it we have:

Mon, 19 Aug 2002 10:43:39 -0700 "Walter" <walter xx digitalmars.com>  writes:

"Mac Reiter" <Mac_member xx pathlink.com> wrote in message
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 I was wondering if anyone else thought a rotate operator would be worth
 effort of adding to D. You don't need them very often, usually only for
 hashing, random number generation, encryption, or similar things, but
 when you do need them you need to be able to do them very quickly.
I agree. I intend to add them in as "intrinsic" functions, not as an operator. Yay! =) Here's my plea: is it possible to add this at some point in the not *too* distant future? Meantime - thankyou soooo much for including the bit finding operations. I figured somebody would do a language with rotate in sooner or later, but I never dreamt I'd find a language with CPU native bit finding. Yipeee =) Thanks in advance Munch (very happy)
Nov 22 2005