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Hello all,

I've been away quite a while (about 7 months), but I'm back again. Anyway, I am
still developing DGrammar. Currently, it should run under DMD 0.134, but I'd
like some people to try it out.

DGrammar is a compiler-generator, a little bit like YACC. The project can be
found at http://www.dsource.org/projects/dgrammar. There is a tarball, which you
can unpack. Onsite, is a postscript file, explaining how dgrammar should be

I am still writing new documentation, and I am trying to think of new additions
to DGrammar. The first thing I am trying to do is to convert the existing
FLEX/BISON/C/C++ sources to DGrammar/D sources, this would make the whole thing
a lot more portable.

Meanwhile, be careful when using non-ASCII characters in the grammar file
itself, within sources which need to be read by the parser/evaluator it
shouldn't be much of a problem.

If you've got any ideas, please don't hestitate, and contact me.

Sjoerd van Leent
Oct 02 2005