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digitalmars.D - 2.064.2 - ddoc now includes types with parameter identifiers

I'm using ddoc to generate a lot of documentation and i've 
noticed in the new 2.064.2 version the type is now included with 
the identifier in parameter lists. Can this be made optional or 
able to be controlled by a macro?

The current parameter identifier macro is this:


in which $0 was substituted for the parameter identifier, now it 
substitutes $0 for type and identifier. It would be nice to have 
something like this:

DDOC_PARAM_TYPE = <span class="identifier-type">$0</span>
DDOC_PARAM_ID = <span class="identifier">$0</span>

So i can style them individually or completely omit the type 
which is what i prefer to aid readability.
Nov 13 2013