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digitalmars.D - need help with cdb/windbg

reply "Valéry Croizier" <valery freesurf.fr> writes:
I've just tried cdb/windbg, without great success. Some help would be
I compiled my source with "-g" and ran "cdb myprog.exe", but the result was
"Symbol search path is: *** Invalid ***".
Then I tried  "cdb -y . myprog.exe" and got "*** ERROR: Symbol file could
not be found." instead.

What's wrong ?
Mar 16 2005
parent Manfred Nowak <svv1999 hotmail.com> writes:
"Valéry Croizier" <valery freesurf.fr> wrote:

 What's wrong ?
Would you please post in digitalmars.learn or if you suspect a compiler error in digitalmars.bugs. Thanks. -manfred
Mar 16 2005