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digitalmars.D - DMD vs GDC (diffs)

I expanded the diffs with DMD->GDC:

   gdc-0.8 -> dmd=0.102
   gdc-0.9 -> dmd=0.109
   gdc-0.10 -> dmd=0.110

Just the frontend and Phobos (naturally),
and without the gcc and configure stuff.
I did not include GCC's own backend and
helper files, and DMD's is not available.

In case anyone was curious about it... ?
(haven't done any for later DMD versions)

Question: wouldn't it be better if some
of these portability patches made it
up into the DMD front-end sources... ?
At least the ones that change "#if linux"
into "#ifndef _WIN32", and similar fixes ?
(and the others are GDC-conditionalized too)

I guess it's ultimately up to David Friedman
and Walter Bright, the way that it works now...
(our Twin Towers of Cathedrals, that is :-) )

But it would make for less chance of "forking" ?
(and probably less merging in future DMD versions)

Mar 11 2005