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digitalmars.D - undefined reference to `_ModuleInfo_3std5stdio'

reply "Stefan B." <stefankjb yahoo.com> writes:

I installed dmd v0.116 and rebuild my project and now I get linking errors:

gcc -o app src/vecmath.o src/car.o src/image.o src/main.o src/material.o 
src/ode.o src/ode_utils.o src/scene.o src/texture.o src/fpscounter.o 
src/mesh.o src/rqueue.o src/text.o src/entity.o src/movable.o 
src/hwbuffer.o src/gui/widget.o src/gui/container.o src/gui/panel.o 
src/gui/visual.o src/gui/window.o src/gl/gl.o src/gl/glu.o src/gl/glfw.o 
src/gl/gl_extensions.o src/wrappers/ftwrap.o src/wrappers/imwrap.o -Lsrc 
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lglfw -lGL -lGLU -lXxf86vm -lX11 -lfreetype-lode 
-lwrappers -lpng -ljpeg -lphobos -lpthread
src/mesh.o(.data+0x178): In function 
/home/stefan/D/prog/src/mesh.d:323: undefined reference to 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
scons: *** [app] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

I have no idea what's going on with std.stdio here. I checked changelog 
(from v0.113 that I previously used) and found no thing that might 
explain it.

And that line 323 in mesh.d has nothing to do with stdio. If I comment 
that block of code, it jumps to somewhere else (with no sense) and so 
on.. I have no idea what is that ModuleInfo thing. Help?

   void apply(Animation anim, real time)
     if(!mRootBone || !anim) return;
     foreach(AnimTrack track; anim.mTracks)
       Bone bone = mBoneByName[track.mName];
       if(!bone) continue;

       // Find KeyFrame for this bone
       for(int i=0; i<track.mKeys.length; i++)
         KeyFrame * kf = &track.mKeys[i];
           Pose p;
           p.mLoc = kf.mLoc;
           p.mQuat = kf.mQuat; // <== Line 323
           p.mSize = kf.mSize;

           bone.mCurrentPose = p;
           i = track.mKeys.length;

Is something changed that I need to know to change my source?

With respect,
Stefan B.
Mar 09 2005
parent reply "Walter" <newshound digitalmars.com> writes:
The most likely thing is that somehow your phobos.lib (libphobos.a on linux)
did not get updated.
Mar 09 2005
parent "Stefan B." <stefankjb yahoo.com> writes:
Walter wrote:
 The most likely thing is that somehow your phobos.lib (libphobos.a on linux)
 did not get updated.
Thank you so much :) For some reason this didn't even come to my mind. Now ln -s 'd.
Mar 09 2005