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digitalmars.D - DMD without the binaries (plus diffs)

Spent 30 minutes converting the sources
to UNIX linefeeds and running diffs, just
to see what had changed between versions...
(since Walter does not want to provide CVS?)

You can find the GNU diff files here:

You can also use these to upgrade from a previous
version, without downloading the whole dmd.zip...
(Although that only applies to the D source code,
not the DMD binaries - which are nondistributable)

Example: (patching DMD 115 into DMD 116)
unzip dmd.115.zip 'dmd/*' && cd dmd
find src -type f | xargs -n 1 perl -pe 's/\r\n/\n/' -i
zcat ../dmd-115-to-116.diff.gz | patch -p2

Patching would be easier, if dmd.###.zip could also
be provided as dmd-0.###.tar.gz with UNIX linefeeds ?
(and then the Win32 binaries could go in the zip,
and the Linux binaries in the compressed tarball...)

Note that UNIX tarballs normally include a directory,
for instance dmd-0.116, while the Windows zips do not.
Or perhaps a source-only version, using "bzip2" to
compress the tar archive to make it even smaller ?

Just some suggestions,

I used these dmd.zip files from Digital Mars:

 2.9M    dmd.102.zip
 2.9M    dmd.103.zip
 2.9M    dmd.104.zip
 2.9M    dmd.105.zip
 2.9M    dmd.106.zip
 2.9M    dmd.107.zip
 2.9M    dmd.108.zip
 2.9M    dmd.109.zip
 2.9M    dmd.110.zip
 2.9M    dmd.111.zip
 3.0M    dmd.112.zip
 3.0M    dmd.113.zip
 3.0M    dmd.114.zip
 3.0M    dmd.115.zip
 3.0M    dmd.116.zip
Without the binaries:
 796K    dmd-102.tbz
 800K    dmd-103.tbz
 800K    dmd-104.tbz
 800K    dmd-105.tbz
 804K    dmd-106.tbz
 808K    dmd-107.tbz
 808K    dmd-108.tbz
 808K    dmd-109.tbz
 812K    dmd-110.tbz
 820K    dmd-111.tbz
 824K    dmd-112.tbz
 828K    dmd-113.tbz
 844K    dmd-114.tbz
 844K    dmd-115.tbz
 856K    dmd-116.tbz
.tbz = .tar.bz2, see http://sources.redhat.com/bzip2/
Mar 09 2005