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digitalmars.D - Major Goal for Release 1.0

Major Goal for Release 1.0:

<cite href="http://www.digitalmars.com/d/overview.html">
Reduce software development costs by at least 10% by adding in
proven productivity enhancing features and by adjusting language
features so that common, time-consuming bugs are eliminated from
the start.

How to prove the 10%?
1. What is the base of the 10%? Development costs in C? Which set of 
tools is supposed to be used?
2. What is added or adjusted and how many costs are those addings and 
adjustments contributing to the savings under absolute measure and 
weighted measure, i.e. absolute saving multiplied by the probability 
of occurrence?
3. Is made sure that none of the new features of the language 
diminishes productivity?
4. How do the costs of recruiting personal capable of D differ from 
the costs of recruiting personal capable of the base language?

Feb 25 2005