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digitalmars.D - std.stdio.writeln (without percent voodoo)

Just as I suspected, it was trivial to hack
another parameter onto std.format.doFormat,
to optionally make it ignore any percentages.

And then it's not that hard to implement
std.stdio.write and std.stdio.writeln,
which work the same - but without "format"!

 import std.stdio;
 void main()
    writef("*** Hall\u00e5, ");
    writefln("V\u00e4rlden! ***");
    write("%%% Hall\u00e5, ");
    writeln("V\u00e4rlden! %%%");
Full patch against DMD 0.112 is attached. Tested with GDC 0.10, without problems... (well, except the usual line-ending ones) --anders
Feb 03 2005