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digitalmars.D - properties question

should this work? following the spec:

     A property is read by calling a method with no arguments; a property
     is written by calling a method with its argument being the value it
     is set to.

1 cent question: are the overloaded opCall methods of the struct test
considered as separated methods?

Apparantly only the read opCall is taken into account.


ps: only thing against it I found was that one can't add non-static 
functions to classes, but the fact that it would work for reads and not 
for writes is somehow inconsistent

struct test(T)
     T value;

     T opCall(T value_)   { return value = value_; }
     T opCall()           { return value; }

class A
     test!(int) p;

void main()
     A a = new A();

     // it won't use "property!(int).opCall(int value_)"
     // a.p = 49;  // error: cannot implicitly convert int to test
     // a.p(51);   //does work
     a.p.value = 50;

     // but here it uses "property!(int).opCall()"
May 19 2004