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digitalmars.D - DBC, Phobos and Debugging

If one is supposed to have any use of DBC,
shouldn't a debug version of Phobos exist ?

Or am I supposed to build such a library,
for my own use ? (certainly doable as well)

Since the current phobos library is compiled
with -release, it doesn't have *any* contracts.

Which means that even with the -debug builds,
contracts in the runtime library aren't checked.

For instance, toStringz() args with NUL chars:
 Error: AssertError Failure ../gcc/d/phobos/std/string.d(221)
That error is only thrown when I link towards libphobos_debug.a, not the regular libphobos.a ? Which seems to contradict:
 Class implementations should use DBC
     This will prove that DBC (Contract Programming) is worthwhile.
 Not only will it aid in debugging the class, but it will help every
 class user use the class correctly. DBC in the class library will have
 great leverage.
http://www.digitalmars.com/d/phobos.html --anders BTW; Shouldn't it throw InException and OutException ? http://www.digitalmars.com/d/dbc.html Or maybe that is something just related to GDC... Just getting started with this Bertrand Meyer stuff.
Jan 24 2005