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digitalmars.D - What's the use of that 32 bytes ".exe" file in DMC/DMD.zip?

reply "Lionello Lunesu" <lionello.lunesu crystalinter.remove.com> writes:
See subject.


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Jan 20 2005
next sibling parent Paul Bonser <misterpib gmail.com> writes:
Lionello Lunesu wrote:
 See subject.
My Guess is that it's a stub exe that contains all the standard stuff that's added to every generated exe. -PIB
Jan 20 2005
prev sibling parent "Unknown W. Brackets" <unknown simplemachines.org> writes:
I deleted.  Seemed of no use.  Haven't had any problems either.

You can generate a new one, anywhere, by running dmc's link.exe without 
any arguments.  I'm betting that's what happened.


 See subject.
Jan 20 2005