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digitalmars.D - [announce] leds 00.12 for linux

This fixes the problems found on 00.11.

this is the leds that compiles with the recent dool and DUI and DMD 0.109.

(you need to download the lastest linux version of dool and DUI from
source forge).
a compiled linux slackware (9 beta) binary is available.


If you didn't like leds before don't bother to try it again yet.
If you are using leds you will find many small usability improvements.

(I'm still working on the windows version.
I might drop scintilla all together and use the DUI TextView instead.
That would not be noticable for now but in the future improvements
to the editor would come slower then if using scintilla)

the windows pre-alpha release is still the old one and will not
compile with the current DMD, dool or DUI.


the micro number of my D projects now corresponds to the
svn revision number on dsource
Dec 11 2004