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reply Robert Jones <robertjones21 HotPOP.com> writes:

Attached is a preliminary c++ to d source translator and a simple c++ 
program. I intend to expand and improve cpp2d's functionality. Any 
suggestions on how to do so is appreciated. If you think you can do a 
better job be my guest. I'll use the first version that works, whether 
it's mine or someone else's. It still requires some editing of the 
output. Here is the output for hello.cpp:

import std.c.stdio;

int main ()
     printf ("Hello World!";     );
     return 0;

It doesn't remove the comma from the end of cout << "Hello World!"; like 
it should.

It's currently written in c being a rewrite of a earlier cpp2c program.

Robert Jones
robertjones21 hotpop.com
"Only seek out the truth if you have the courage to accept it."
Dec 08 2004
parent Matthias Becker <Matthias_member pathlink.com> writes:
hmm, a cpp to d converter written in c? Strange. But why <iostream.h>? For very
old projects? I don't think these old projects will be ported to d. It might
only be usefull for very new peojects.

OK, I'll stop here.
Dec 09 2004