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digitalmars.D - ANNOUNCE: Mango.icu on Linux

I've submitted Linux support for mango.icu to Kris;
it is now available in the mango svn repository. 

You can download Mango from www.dsource.org/projects/mango or use the svn
mechanism.  I encourage people to investigate Kris' feature-rich D
project.  Mango is continuing to grow at a steady pace.  Kris' recent
addition of ICU to mango is just one example of this fact.

You will need to download the Linux ICU shared libraries


first to add the shared libraries to your system. Alternately you
can compile your own from the ICU source; recompiling from source will be
necessary if you are using a non-x86-based Linux. I'll be including some
basic instructions later on how to install these files properly on Linux.

Like the Win32 version, mango.icu uses the dynamic loader (runtime
linking) to interface with the ICU function set. Thus, there is no need to
link your programs to the icu libraries at link time.

The ease of porting to Linux can be attributed to Kris' handy
FunctionLoader mechanism. Ports to other OSes (like Darwin) should also
be possible using this mechanism.

Comments welcome.



Nov 28 2004