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digitalmars.D - Long template instantiations and virtual template struct funcs

I can see why one would wish to avoid virtual template class template 
member functions to keep a fixed size vtable (I miss them however!) Is 
that a feature that will be added?

How about template struct template member functions: these are just 
syntactic sugar for making a static function...

Speaking of making a static function...I made 2 vector classes, one for 
float vectors one for double, and I wish to multiply them.

I am stuck with

XVector!(double) k=XVector!(double).opCall(1,2,3);
XVector!(float) l=XVector!(float).opCall(3,4,1);//why must call opCall?

XVector!(double) m = VecOp!(typeof(k.x),typeof(l.x)). Mul(k,l);

typing VecOp!(typeof(k.x),typeof(l.x).Mul(k,l)
is lengthy, and obscures the function of the code, which is to multiply 
k with l.

in C++ I would make a macro at the very worst (an overloaded operator at 
best) that did it
#define VecMul(k,l) VecOp!(typeof(k.x),typeof(l.x).Mul(k,l)

is there any shorthand for this, short of running gcc -E before gdc?

PS: Typeof is really cool!
Apr 29 2004