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digitalmars.D - D / Phobos updates pending ... exceptions coming ...

I just sent through a series of updates to Walter for some of my Phobos
libraries, including the following:

 - std.recls - documentation, FTP (Windows only) searching, updated samples
 - std.windows.registry - slight changes
 - std.openrj - new module, including documentation (<g>), mapping the Open-RJ
structured text file-reader library to D 
(it's also got Ruby and C++/STL mappings)
 - reggrep sample - a tool that allows you to do reg-exp search through any/all
hives of the Windows registry, in key 
names, value names and values

Now I've got to satisfy a few other requirements, but now my D-plate is clear
for the Exceptions review, so if you've 
any final points, please add them to that thread (which is currently very large
and red on my news reader <g>).


Sep 30 2004