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digitalmars.D - Re: UTF-8 char[] consistency

In article <cjd924$81h$1 digitaldaemon.com>, David L. Davis says...
In article <cjal85$1oia$1 digitaldaemon.com>, Jaap Geurts says...

I've examined your wstring library, and noticed that the
case(islower,isupper) family functions cannot do other languages than plain
latin ascii. Am I right in this?
What is needed I guess is for the user to supply a conversion table (are the
functions in phobos suitable?). I don't know enough about locale support in
OS's but if it is not available there we'd have to code it into the lib.

I'll do some probing about how to code it first and if you wish I can
provide you the one for Vietnamese.

Regards, Jaap

Jaap: Currently for anything unicode based, I've been waiting on work that Arcane Jill is doing. StringW.d was mainly created to make it easier to work with 16-bit characters (string.d made it a real pain...you nearly have to cast everything), and hopefully in turn it will work with Windows' 16-bit wide character API functions. But at this point I haven't tested it, plus I don't understand enough to know the real different between the 16-bit characters and unicode characters (some real example data and code would be helpful in this area...Jill?, Ben?, and/or anyone?). Anywayz, needless to say I've mirrored string.d functions like tolower(), toupper() and my very own asciiProperCase() functions to still work on ascii characters only. In my last reply I was mainly to point you to where stringw.d could be found, and if you found it useful and to let you know that if you needed anything that string.d had that's missing in it...that I would add it if you needed it. I hope I did give the impression that it did unicode? Also, I'm afraid I don't know much about "locale support" either. But if you do something in that area I wouldn't mind taking a look at it. :)) Good Luck in your project, David L.

I posted this yesterday: digitalmars.D/11206 - I hope it's helpful.
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Nice quote! Jill
Sep 29 2004