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digitalmars.D - .NET Library In D

I was able to get my C# to D convert to convert about 25% of the 
.net library v4.6

It converts the following libs:

// System.CodeDom
// System.CodeDom.Compiler
// System.Collections.Concurrent
// System.Collections.Generic
// System.Collections.ObjectModel
// System.Collections.Specialized
// System.ComponentModel
// System.ComponentModel.Design
// System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization
// System.Configuration
// System.Configuration.Internal
// System.Diagnostics
// System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis
// System.IO
// System.IO.Compression
// System.IO.Ports
// System.Media
// System.Timers
// System.Text.RegularExpressions

Not all code works depending on the specific but 90%+ does.

The goal is that, one day, we can effectively replace the phobos 
with .NET semantics if we want. It, being a nicer library, and 
all the source code available through reflection, makes it a nice 
target.  While the source code cannot be distributed, the 
recompiler can. In C# maps to D farily well, it is not a 
difficult ask.
Jul 10 2017