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c++.windows.32-bits - GDI+ for DigitalMars, not to bad

GDI+ for DigitalMars

Locate the files gdiplus*.h by installing the platform SDK.
Install the redist gdiplus.dll.

Create an import lib using Jan Knepper's modified version of
IMPLIB.EXE, renamed as implib_jk.exe, as follows:
 implib_jk /system /v /suffix /def /test /I. gdiplus_dm.lib

The resulting gdiplus_dm.lib can then be linked into your project.
A files titled "gdiplus_dm.cpp" was also created, may be useful.

Change gdiplus.h by adding the following at the top:
 // DigitalMars additions
 #define UINT32 DWORD
 #define UINT_PTR UINT*
 // End DigitalMars additions
Aug 24 2007