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c++.stlsoft - Expanding STLSoft (and Pantheios) to other Platforms/Compilers

I really have not seen too many updates on either the website or 
here.  Is this project dormant?

I've picked it up and started shimming in support for a generic 
RTOS and cross compiler (IAR systems) for using Pantheios on such 
devices, but have run into a (small) issue where I have to 
further abstract a few other things.

FILE pointer support - IAR has various flavors of library support 
for cutting down the size of DLib - in the most popular flavor it 
doesn't have FILE support and has various options for supporting 
levels of formatter support for printf/scanf.  There's 
preprocessor macro's for easily detecting the support indicated, 
and IAR also leaves a magic number in the object files to detect 
if you are linking against the wrong flavor of DLib.

Network Stack Support - most RTOSs either have network stacks as 
an afterthought (ie NetX for ThreadX, or pNA for pSOS) or most 
users of an RTOS use a COTS network stack optimized for their 
application (ie Treck, InterNiche, etc.) This means that network 
calls further need to be configured without assumption of OS.

With this, I've been slicing away the dependencies but would like 
to get a peer review of the changes.

Is there a place where I can either email the deltas or shelve 
the changeset to be reviewed - and hopefully incorporated/merged 
into the official release?

Thanks much,
Feb 13 2015