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c++ - significantly reduced execution speed after CPU upgrade

Dear DMC Community,

I used to work with an Athlon XP 2000+ (1x1,67GHz) and my selfmade 32bit
console applications ran pretty fast under Win XP (32bit). Now I have an Intel
T7200 Core 2 Duo (2x2,0GHz, Merom) and I am still working with Win XP (32bit).
I know that my applications use only one of the two cores, but one of them is
almost twice as fast as my old Athlon in every other commercial software I
BUT my application I wrote in C++ and compiled with DMC are much slower than
before. The application is a comparably simple 3D rendering engine doing lots
of additions and multiplications - nothing out of the ordinary.

So what could be the problem? Does DMC have problems with 64-bit CPUs?
Where could I start looking for the cause? Is it the compiler settings? (I
never use any: just 'dmc testfile.cpp' - until now, this worked fine).

It would be great, if anyone could help.


Nov 07 2006