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c++ - sc.exe & scppn.exe

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On Saturday, 1 November 2003 at 08:17:43 UTC, Matthew Wilson 
 scppn is the program that does the main business of 
 compilation. It holds the latest version

 dmc is a driver program and rarely changes. In fact, the last I 
 was aware, it was stuck at 8.29. Walter must have updated it 

 This issue is a constant source of nags, but Walter seems 
 adamant to not listen to all our demands, as is his right.

 One thing I think would be useful would be if dmc.exe ran 
 scppn.exe and displayed its version as well (or instead of) its 
 own. That way it would truly represent the latest version of 
 the compiler distribution

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dmc .
dmc is a driver application that is rarely updated. In reality, as of the last time I checked, it was stuck at 8.29. Walter must have recently modified it https://makeatea.com/green-tea-with-ginseng-is-it-really-good-for-you/
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