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c++.rtl - static constuctors call

Guys! All information which can be found in reference is:

"pointer to the constructor or destructor function is placed in a special
segment (XIFU, XIFL, or XIFM). The startup code cinit.obj then looks at the
constructor segment and calls the constructors. The exit function calls the
destructors by looking at the destructor segment XOF (for near data models) or
XO (for far data models)."

Could someone describe all special segments more precisely? Which of them
contains pointers to constuctors, destructors, c initializers and so on.

Actually, how can these pointer be reached, I found very good example how to do
it with MS compiler 
Could some one give example how the same can be done with DigitalMarc

Thank you very much!
Aug 04 2004