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c++ - not a class template

Can you please help
I have the following

#include "Node.h"
template<class T> class ListNode : public Node
    ListNode(int val);
    int _val;

template<class T> ListNode::ListNode(int val) :


however the get the following build error :
sc Main.cpp -ms -C -S -3 -a2 -c -gf -oMain.obj
sc Node.cpp -ms -C -S -3 -a2 -c -gf -oNode.obj
sc ListNode.cpp -ms -C -S -3 -a2 -c -gf -oListNode.obj
Error: C:\TEMP\ListNode.cpp(9): 'ListNode' is not a class template
Lines Processed: 1245  Errors: 1  Warnings: 0
Build failed
Sep 03 2012