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c++ - efficient tree serialization and update


Let me describe my task:
The GUI displays a tree (like Windows Explorer) with items (we plan to use 
Windows TreeView control). Classic operations are available (add new item, 
edit item name, delete).
It is expected that this tree to have a large number of items (thousands).
The application builds the tree by reading the treee structure from a single 
file on disk.

One obvious approach will be XML but it requires too much memory (the tree 
needs to be updated so lite libraries like SAX can't be used).

I have an idea how to create my own format and serialize the tree structure 
efficiently on a file (the file is only appended, even when deleting tree 
But before starting this, I thought it would be good to ask community about 
any already existing library\API which successfully handle this task.
An example for this will be OLE Structured storage but I haven't used it.

Thank you.
Mar 12 2007